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sustainable & ethical

 harry & pop sustainable and ethical

harry & pop sustainable and ethical

harry & pop sustainable and ethical


at harry & pop we are conscious of our impact on the environment and passionate about making mindful changes to minimise our footprint in an effort to preserve this precious planet for our children.

imagine if you only wore each item of clothing once and then threw it away. absurd but that’s exactly what we do with thousands of everyday items made of plastic.

globally, around 9.2 million tonnes of plastic have been produced since 1950. approximately 6.9 billion tonnes of that has become waste and 91% of that plastic has never been recycled.

when plastic litter breaks down it’s washed into our waterways and oceans through drains and when fish and other marine animals mistake the tiny pieces for food and ingest them, it can cause malnutrition, where the animal feels full, so eats less real food.

still not convinced of how incredibly harmful plastic waste is? plastic bags are responsible for the deaths of many marine and terrestrial animals and can take between 15 to 1000 years to break down.

so what is harry & pop doing?

until single-use plastics are irradiated from our planet we’ll continue to do our bit to recycle them (which saves approximately 88% of the energy required to make plastic from the raw materials of oil and gas).

in the construction of our swimwear we use recycled techno-fabric made with 100% regenerated fibre from post-consumer materials (specifically plastic bottles).

what’s more, our recycled fabric (78%) is blended with xtra life lycra® (22%) to make it more chlorine resistant than your average swimwear fabric which means it will last and last when worn in pool water.

xtra life lycra® resists fabric breakdown more than five times longer than your average chlorine-resistant fabric, with no significant fibre breakage and fit loss caused by sunscreen, pool water and oxidation, even after 240 hours of exposure.

last but not least, rest assured our fabric is free from harmful substances having received the oeko-tex standard 100 certification which is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all staged of production.

(source: sustainability victoria, and national geographic magazine, june 2018)

harry & pop sustainable and ethical


harry & pop is proudly designed and ethically made in australia.

we know we are only one part of the equation in producing beautiful swimwear for your children and that’s why, at our core, is the relationship we’ve built and maintain with our wonderful manufacturer.

all our swimwear is handmade in melbourne, australia by a small family-run production. we have an incredible relationship with the beautiful people in this factory. we’re constantly popping in (because our operations are in melbourne too) to say hi or chatting over the phone.  

rest assured that the happy hands sewing your quality garments work in comfortable and safe conditions and receive just and favourable remuneration for their hard work.

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